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Game Theory: No More Games
The $1.7 Million Lie

The $1.7 Million Lie

10 meses atrás

They stole $1.7 million
  1. Hanzimmer7

    Hanzimmer74 minutos atrás

    YT is dead

  2. Jai ujjwal

    Jai ujjwal5 minutos atrás

    A minecraft Iceage?

  3. Ken Sakali

    Ken Sakali5 minutos atrás

    I think you did great!

  4. Zachary Moses

    Zachary Moses6 minutos atrás

    Why did the builders bring golden swords to the nether?

  5. Dr.Fudge

    Dr.Fudge7 minutos atrás

    R.I.P. Ronnie, you were a great man. You will be missed by many.

  6. Spice _61

    Spice _618 minutos atrás

    At 9:41 mat looks like he's gonna cry with red eyes I actually was doing the same

  7. Joaquin Picazo

    Joaquin Picazo9 minutos atrás

    Btw I have a theory: The “one you shouldn’t have killed” is actually Henry himself because he killed Henry before he got trapped in the springlocks

  8. MooMooBoogs

    MooMooBoogs9 minutos atrás

    I really can't believe it's NOT MARGARINE!

  9. Dylan Kincaid

    Dylan Kincaid12 minutos atrás

    I'd like to compliment MatPat on being such a great story teller

  10. YouTubeFan 606

    YouTubeFan 60612 minutos atrás

    Omg when matpat said “remember that first cinematic when we all first booted up the game” or something, a StateFarm ad popped up and I was like ‘hilarious timing ad!’🤣 Btw great mind shaking theory!👍🏻

  11. I like Maltesers :D

    I like Maltesers :D14 minutos atrás

    Theory: The drowned were humans when they built the structure. They were then eaten by zombies and later turned into zombies them selves. The guardians were made by them before they were turned into monsters and I believe that that’s why they are still nice to them when drowned come by. When they drowned in water they became drowned and they still have the actions of a zombie but have different drops. Zombies raid villages is equal to Drowned attacking villagers. HOPE YOU ENJOYED MY SINPLE THEORY

  12. Joaquin Picazo

    Joaquin Picazo15 minutos atrás

    As soon as it begins: XD

  13. Buildbustr789

    Buildbustr78915 minutos atrás

    I can’t buy the winter merchandise because I live in Australia and here it is summer when it’s winter for you and vise versa.

  14. ResidentEvilShrill

    ResidentEvilShrill16 minutos atrás

    You had me tearing up at the end there. DX

  15. Batfan1939

    Batfan193918 minutos atrás

    Ironically, most of the big words could totally show up in the middle of an episode, and nobody would bat an eye.

  16. C n' C

    C n' C20 minutos atrás

    Dang you good at this matpat ^ ͜ʖ^

  17. yeet mah yeetahs

    yeet mah yeetahs21 minuto atrás

    lol i'm not eligible for monetization so i have slightly less problems with COPPA

  18. Spring Trap games

    Spring Trap games23 minutos atrás

    1:25 acted like my grandma

  19. Gabsiel

    Gabsiel23 minutos atrás

    Time for a fnaf game theory marathon

  20. Redneck MTG

    Redneck MTG25 minutos atrás

    As someone who plays video games and shoots guns I'll say this: It's easier to point at a target in real life rather than coordinating multiple joysticks to do so, especially after doing it for years. It's harder to put rounds downrange accurately and effectively. Breathing control, staying relaxed, and quick target reaquisition after recoil aren't things simulated by your body while playing games. Moving the R Stick down or moving your mouse don't equate to actually getting control of the firearm and getting it back on target. Video games may help with spotting targets easier, but actually hitting the target takes hours of real live-fire practice and skill. And remember with international firearms death statistics: the United States has more guns than citizens. These countries don't have an equivalent to the Second Amendment and firearms aren't as easy to come by.

  21. I am the Real purple guy

    I am the Real purple guy30 minutos atrás

    I am a kid killer

  22. Nintendo Gamer

    Nintendo Gamer36 minutos atrás


  23. Redneck MTG

    Redneck MTG36 minutos atrás

    I want to be an infantry Marine (should be leaving for MCRD San Diego in around a year for Boot Camp). I'm willing to commit violent acts to protect my country. I also hopped out of a car and ran across traffic to help a person who got in a huge car accident the other day. I can be violent and caring too. It's the poor direction of violence that people need to be worried about.

  24. Fresh gamer

    Fresh gamer37 minutos atrás

    Mr mat pat i dont know if u notice this before but i think shadow bonnie and shadow freddy is following purple guy


    GABSTER TNT38 minutos atrás

    Gabriel? Then im dead in fnaf

  26. Lai Nemo

    Lai Nemo39 minutos atrás

    Guys we shall actually make a donate system for the st Jude thing, and not just for 1video

  27. My_Swiper /

    My_Swiper /39 minutos atrás

    What if my index finger is bigger than my ring finger

  28. ILLumi ._.

    ILLumi ._.41 minuto atrás

    Theory already debunked *When you can choose who you slow down and slowing something/someone down affects the rate at which it fall*

  29. Chamberlain Miller

    Chamberlain Miller41 minuto atrás

    Have you considered adding video game archaeologist to your job description?

  30. leadpoisoning

    leadpoisoning43 minutos atrás

    undweratercity hmm

  31. J D

    J D45 minutos atrás

    MP comes off as a narcissist

  32. Zethër

    Zethër46 minutos atrás

    Ah, yes, good old days of Internet.

  33. Cuber 7535

    Cuber 753547 minutos atrás

    Wait. If there is music around the red door... It's possible that the door is a portal between worlds and the sound is just distorted because of that.

  34. Tesseract

    Tesseract51 minuto atrás

    im having such a hard time watching this, well im twenty my close family friend who is 20 as well was diagnosed and money in my family have had it. I am amazed at how much you have earned thank you to everyone who donated

  35. If you read this your gay

    If you read this your gay53 minutos atrás

    Poor candise she just wanted a home but she got torture.

  36. Giddy B

    Giddy B54 minutos atrás

    He proceeded to pour me a glass of just ice cold lemonade, ooh, you ever mix it with iced tea?do like-little half lemonade half-ooh, it's so you try it some- WELL YOU CANT BECAUSE YOUR DEAD I literally died😂

  37. Bobling

    Bobling55 minutos atrás

    I’m gunna love this!!

  38. ShamzStarz9802

    ShamzStarz980255 minutos atrás

    ok so who buried the treasure chest?

  39. Peter Falk

    Peter Falk55 minutos atrás

    Actually, in Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy we DO see "Force Slow", though it is by a different name called "Force Speed", and it's a core ability that all force users possess right from the get-go and you use it in a Jedi temple as a part of your training.

  40. Huigovale Marginez

    Huigovale Marginez57 minutos atrás

    William:kills Henry’s daughter Henry:Creates a new robot that eats his daughter Henry: A soul for a soul

  41. DIRTCRAFT gaming

    DIRTCRAFT gaming58 minutos atrás

    Why not theorize the steve or the player?

  42. NoR 64

    NoR 64Hora atrás

    William can be killed by Afton AND Himself. (Springtrap)

  43. Marc-Gabriel Bute

    Marc-Gabriel ButeHora atrás

    This intro looks like AIDS

  44. MyGreat Rolls

    MyGreat RollsHora atrás

    Sorry I couldn't make it to the stream but I wish the best for those children and also for you Matt. Keep on keeping on dude.

  45. Eren Jaeger

    Eren JaegerHora atrás

    BRgo isn't demonetizing based on violence it profanity, heyre demonetizing based on if it makes them money or not. This woman is not a fair woman, she's one if the greediest woman in the business, going as far as taking away our entertainment unfairly based on greed. I wish I could say this to this woman's face, but sadly, this channel would be demonetized and I can almost guarantee they would try to make me disappear. Not like it would do much, everybody is noticing this greediness in the system.

  46. Giant 1108-08

    Giant 1108-08Hora atrás

    I want his animator to make a movie with the same art style XD

  47. Smilomaniac

    SmilomaniacHora atrás

    Good interview. It's a shame that she spends most of the time dodging the question and simultaneously assuring you that 'they care'. You can only be so sympathetic knowing that she has to stay within the distance of a lawyer, at some point there has to be actual honesty involved and less 'brand management'. The fact is that BRgo refuses to take a stand against advertiser demands and instead of letting them go directly to the channels for deals, they insist on their learning algorithms to sort it out. Their new "harassment policy" is laughable. We all know that harassment isn't what is actually happening out there, it's people who can't deal with the attention they get, when they say something stupid and/or wrong. At the same time the same people love saying 'freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequence'. Apparently not for them? Whatever, youtube is a trash platform and it's only getting worse from here.

  48. Logan Calapp

    Logan CalappHora atrás

    8:13 a vacuole!

  49. LettuceBowler

    LettuceBowlerHora atrás

    There are 217 length options because your counting didn't include the option of 24 blocks.

  50. Hashtag Stopusingmyfreakingaccount

    Hashtag StopusingmyfreakingaccountHora atrás

    F#ck yo game theory

  51. Noeal Noeal

    Noeal NoealHora atrás

    Maybe Sans and papyrus were once humans but they did not managed to exit and died and their human souls were one of the hearts and they became a skeleton?

  52. Kaden Cr

    Kaden CrHora atrás

    Video games causing violence was cuz they used ps4 spiderman as 100% of the experiments

  53. Bailey Morrissey

    Bailey MorrisseyHora atrás

    Theory fran bow it's a horror game and you can't make a theory about how it's all a dream I'm not going to spoil it but you should play it and then make it theory on it

  54. Bodhi Mantra

    Bodhi MantraHora atrás

    The force is the aether, all of it is based on real science. Lucas is a Freemason he would be well trained in the knowledge

  55. Dark AYZAX

    Dark AYZAXHora atrás

    I just battled Gary in ss ship today

  56. Popasaurusrex Rex

    Popasaurusrex RexHora atrás

    Why would they design a marine security system if it wasn't already under water?

  57. Purple Fire 28

    Purple Fire 28Hora atrás

    7:00 Shouldn't it be 124 water blocks? 5x5x5 space, centered around the sponge = 5*5*5 - 1 = 125 - 1 = 124

  58. Kayla Blue

    Kayla BlueHora atrás

    *Michael Rosen* Me: **click** noice Also, #undrewerercity

  59. Chrono King

    Chrono KingHora atrás

    That last bit lol




  61. Mr. Wafflehead

    Mr. WaffleheadHora atrás


  62. Ryan Long

    Ryan LongHora atrás

    Mr. Hippo is right, not every story has a meaning, like fnaf world

  63. S Hetrick

    S HetrickHora atrás

    If this is the case, why does a conduit harm the drowned?

  64. MyDikie Rex

    MyDikie RexHora atrás

    I believe Steve and Alex are enhanced humans created by the ancient builders, they were created to stop the wither.

  65. Rainbow Cloud

    Rainbow CloudHora atrás

    I think that if a member of mojang ever sees one of these videos, they’re gonna be like: We just made that to add more stuff to the game...

  66. Nocturnal Gaming

    Nocturnal GamingHora atrás

    How about..... you make...... BRgo..... LESS ACCESSIBLE TO CHILDREN

  67. faboo2001

    faboo2001Hora atrás

    I know it's not gaming related, but to this day I'm still scratching my head on how Logan Paul only got a slap on a wrist for his idiotic and tone deaf suicide forest video. I really want to know know what their thought process was when they "dealt" with that issue.

  68. octolinGGaming

    octolinGGamingHora atrás

    First dont use cams, second why is there a golden withered bonnie

  69. gabriel proulx

    gabriel proulxHora atrás

    Matpat do a theory on Steve and Alex

  70. Shrey Shah

    Shrey ShahHora atrás

    As an indian, now that you bring it up, I dont actually know why I felt drawn towards greninja.

  71. Rameka

    RamekaHora atrás

    wouldn't the energy sword be awkward to wield?

  72. Hotdogskins234

    Hotdogskins234Hora atrás

    Okay, if William Afton is who you play as in custom night, who is the Afton animatronic?

  73. Tiny

    TinyHora atrás

    Not all laws are up to date.

  74. Amaan Hanslod

    Amaan HanslodHora atrás

    But conduits cause damage to guardians...

  75. Anthony Floyd

    Anthony FloydHora atrás

    So, radiation causing people to need antidepressants and antipsychotics... Basically, the society of Fallout's biggest problem is there's no cannabis? Like, it can absorb radiation, CBD is a great antipsychotic and THC a great antidepressant.

  76. zølттяιχ

    zølттяιχHora atrás

    why is petscop still not out. They uploaded new episodes and it’s been about 3 months??? matpat????

  77. Minerman811

    Minerman811Hora atrás

    I can’t find the pointing thing in game 😩

  78. Marc-Gabriel Bute

    Marc-Gabriel ButeHora atrás

    If you calculated land value too Steve and Alex: whomst has summoned the almighty one

  79. Rosy Ciella UwU

    Rosy Ciella UwUHora atrás

    Roses are red Violets are blue No flex but I'm stupid at literature but MatPat has hypnotized me with his amazing depiction.

  80. Hotdogskins234

    Hotdogskins234Hora atrás

    The quick brown 🦊 jumped over 13 lazy 🐶

  81. Jx10d

    Jx10dHora atrás

    Wait so is their just a random wither destroying things millions of blocks away.

  82. JaclynDiane

    JaclynDianeHora atrás

    1.5 million and we meet Ollie?

  83. Yuan Zheng

    Yuan ZhengHora atrás

    Nugget likes being in gold nugget likes being in gold nuggets especially

  84. Emmanuel Hernandez

    Emmanuel HernandezHora atrás

    FTC is going to snap their fingers and make every BRgor disappear 😭

  85. Marc-Gabriel Bute

    Marc-Gabriel ButeHora atrás

    Steve and Alex would have access to all emeralds so they would be the richest

  86. Elias Olivarez

    Elias OlivarezHora atrás

    I want the Nintendo switch

  87. SilverFoxR

    SilverFoxRHora atrás

    So, here's a thought... what if these people were also the precursors that eventually became the Endermen in the prior theories. I mean, it makes a lot of sense if you think about it... The precursors wanted to escape something that was destroying their world, eventually reaching The End, right? Well... what about a catastrophic flood? That certainly would cause them to find a safe haven anywhere they could. So, while some people stayed behind, grasping their shells and waiting for hope that the sailors would return, the rest who decided to search for a different way decided to search underground. Their gods weren't helping, so maybe something in the Nether could... and eventually, they made it to The End... where they were saved... but at a massive cost.

  88. Samrabon

    SamrabonHora atrás

    Almost makes me feel bad about my drowned farm lol

  89. Mushroom Mods Official

    Mushroom Mods OfficialHora atrás

    "wheat- and rotten flesh." "food items" wait so rotten flesh is food? This is a food item now? Just... No.

  90. Hazique Hamzah

    Hazique HamzahHora atrás

    Question:why would the drowned build guardian after the temple is sank why they didn't make the guardian before it sank?

  91. Pepe The Frog

    Pepe The FrogHora atrás

    Markiplier was no. 2 donor on stream

  92. George Batstone

    George BatstoneHora atrás

    Mario is almost as tall as a charizard Charizard is 5.6 feet

  93. Oh.

    Oh.Hora atrás

    Is it wrong to feel bad for the drowned?

  94. LackOf_Commentary

    LackOf_CommentaryHora atrás

    And now gaming channels are getting shut down 🤔

  95. Papyrus Skeleton

    Papyrus SkeletonHora atrás

    internal machine it was actually a portal so you can go to different timelines

  96. Brandon Wallingford

    Brandon WallingfordHora atrás

    She should go on Crowder and Sargon.

  97. Elias Olivarez

    Elias OlivarezHora atrás

    Nintendo switch I wish I had one

  98. IIAkumuII

    IIAkumuIIHora atrás

    I swear i wanna go raid the house of however made that law and scream "O k b o o m e r"

  99. AtomicPickle1

    AtomicPickle1Hora atrás

    Isaac Clarke?

  100. SanjayDoesStuff

    SanjayDoesStuffHora atrás

    Mattpat: talks about something wholesome in the beginning. Mattpat right after: NOW LETS TALK ABOUT PIRATES!