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  1. ariel egbert

    ariel egbertHora atrás

    5g wow if thats not the biggest wake up call bill gates knows about technology not fing viruses! What the F!

  2. BJR Ritz

    BJR RitzHora atrás

    Only Money is all the current GOP members care about.

  3. Ron Wuerch

    Ron WuerchHora atrás

    Old News.

  4. Angel

    AngelHora atrás

    You want praise Mr. President? Here it is 🖕!

  5. Lacy Coleman

    Lacy ColemanHora atrás

    Soooo if folks “seen” it coming since George bush, then why weren’t we beyond prepared for anything. How long ago has it been since bush was in office? Even if trump fired whoever, there should still be a stock pile of xyz that keeps getting updated. Where are our taxes really going.......

  6. Bunker

    BunkerHora atrás

    He’s a joke to society and to humanity get rid of him now what’s our senators afraid of they need to hold him accountable his whole family are a threat to America

  7. Cat Dog Sheep Chicken The Funny Farm

    Cat Dog Sheep Chicken The Funny FarmHora atrás

    Trump has been paid to promote that drug

  8. Charles Bartlett

    Charles BartlettHora atrás

    The mouthpiece of Sauron only says what Sauron wants him to say. Same as all the other mindless lackeys hired by Trump. Only one qualification to be on Team Trump, a big brown nose.

  9. Whicker Boy

    Whicker BoyHora atrás

    News Alert for u Peeelosi---Supreme Court has been determining and overruling States essentially since day 1!!! It's part of our Democracy....U know what that is don't u? It's that thing u wanted n ur IMPEACHMENT BS!!!

  10. don milland

    don millandHora atrás

    He's certainly ACTING like Navy Secretary. Needs to get a refund from Hair Club for men and join the fraternal order of Draculas.

  11. Sal Player

    Sal PlayerHora atrás

    Have you guys go to pro trump channel like fox news?......they truly believe in the magic drug

  12. Brian Galindojr

    Brian GalindojrHora atrás

    All I've seen is empty testing centers and empty hospitals

  13. Larry Hayes

    Larry HayesHora atrás

    Kiss the Ring governors or else

  14. ポールティオマン

    ポールティオマンHora atrás


  15. pokerman6977

    pokerman6977Hora atrás

    bill gates is pure evil

  16. rodochrous

    rodochrousHora atrás

    Lightloafer needs to resign

  17. James Lade

    James LadeHora atrás

    Twump is the worst president in the history of America. Vote Democrat in November

  18. Bryan Conner

    Bryan ConnerHora atrás

    We need to know how much Trump is going to profit from Covid-19. Because I have no doubt that money is somehow factored into everything he says and everything he does. He is not a patriot...he does not love America or Americans. He is the worst, most corrupt, most incompetent leader in the history of the world.

  19. lrncephil80

    lrncephil80Hora atrás

    And we're almost at that 500k number. Now do these people see what putting an inept, delusional, narcissistic person like trump in a position of power can do? He's incapable of doing anything competently. He was born on third base but thinks he hit a triple.

  20. Monkey Business

    Monkey BusinessHora atrás

    This is stupid. They should be charged with murder when more people gets infected and die.

  21. Master Xiong

    Master XiongHora atrás

    Why is this even an issue? You broke chain of command and now you and the media complain "that's not fair". If you had a regular job id agree with you on your complaint however this dudes job is not a regular job. It is utmost important and he failed to do his duty. Id say "YOUR FIRED!!!" Too.

  22. Frank Martinez

    Frank MartinezHora atrás

    FAKE NEWS Donald trump

  23. Dr 2

    Dr 2Hora atrás

    Biden is Trump's ticket back into the White house.

  24. Gen X.

    Gen X.Hora atrás

    I want to say it's because of lack of healthcare and access to adequate hospitals...but I honestly don't know...


    QFRIENDHora atrás

    Congress is not required to be notified at all 30 days in advance. The Senate is required to be notified 30 days in advance which in fact President Trump did. Adam can't you tell one truth.

  26. Florence Gomer

    Florence GomerHora atrás

    Which of the Trump slimebags and cronies have invested in the companies making this?

  27. Levi Hawk

    Levi HawkHora atrás

    We " Scientist around the world " as well as people like Bill gates saw this coming over 10 years ago... That was why we had a readiness program in place and continued research and development and had laboratories, scientist, W.H.O. etc all working on this for over 10 years... Trump gets elected..and .... it's all wiped out... it's that simple and time we call it what it is and was and continues to be.... Trump is destroying America from within and without... Every moment that Trump is allowed to serve as president we lose more time and more Americans and more respect around the world...

  28. Ron Wuerch

    Ron WuerchHora atrás

    Started Going Down Soon As They Started Using Trumps Teams Drug...Cuomo And The Mayor Need To Be Held Accountable.

  29. Tomas Jankauskas

    Tomas JankauskasHora atrás

    Storm is coming..

  30. 87vortex87

    87vortex87Hora atrás

    Mm one word, that's hard.. dumb would not explain everything, immoral would neglect his stupidity. But stupidity lacks the definition to narcissistic behaviour and lack of a moral compass. He lacks in almost every aspect of being a normal good person, and on top of that lacks intelligence, morality, and tact. Worst president ever does the best job describing him, and then we just don't care about him being an a*hole.

  31. Bobby G

    Bobby GHora atrás

    are you kidding me your going to get rid of a reapectful loyal navy captain n fill him in with that? Overchim speaking truth. What is wrong with this world

  32. Trumpenstein

    TrumpensteinHora atrás

    Who else thinks Trumps slow response was related to getting his investments in line ahead of his policy?

  33. Jay Unarmed

    Jay UnarmedHora atrás

    Well maybe the primary shouldn't be linked to other voting in the state, should be an independent process... That's the dems fault for the reason Repukes got you by the balls.

  34. Paul Wilson

    Paul WilsonHora atrás

    *YOU NEED TO WAKE UP AMERICA... these politicians think they are better than us peasants and must control our lives because we are too stupid to think for our selves. Pelosi is lying to you. The LA mayor is paying people to 'report' fellow citizens who violate an unconstitutional decree to stay at home and not open their businesses. Gun stores are being forced to close. They are taking away your constitutional rights using covid19 as cover. They are dividing people and causing us to fight each other so we dont see what they are doing. They now are making you dependant on them and not yourself by destroying your jobs. Totalitarian rule is coming* *Trump is not your enemy* *a wise man said "Those Who Would Give Up Liberty for Safety, Deserve Neither"* *YOU ARE SHEEP BEING LED TO THE SLAUGHTER*

  35. Paul Wilson

    Paul WilsonHora atrás

    *YOU NEED TO WAKE UP AMERICA... these politicians think they are better than us peasants and must control our lives because we are too stupid to think for our selves. Pelosi is lying to you. The LA mayor is paying people to 'report' fellow citizens who violate an unconstitutional decree to stay at home and not open their businesses. Gun stores are being forced to close. They are taking away your constitutional rights using covid19 as cover. They are dividing people and causing us to fight each other so we dont see what they are doing. They now are making you dependant on them and not yourself by destroying your jobs. Totalitarian rule is coming* *Trump is not your enemy* *a wise man said "Those Who Would Give Up Liberty for Safety, Deserve Neither"* *YOU ARE SHEEP BEING LED TO THE SLAUGHTER*

  36. Brisha Jtn

    Brisha JtnHora atrás

    Take these vitamins and eat healthy food... I take all these I know it’s a lot but because I have been taking it for 2 years I didn’t get sick for 2 years NAC 1200-1800 mg ( a big part that will help covid19 ) GABA 1000 mg Vitamin D 10000IU Vitamin C 1500 mg Vitamin B12 Tumaric 1200 mg for inflammation and better immunity Moringa 500 mg Mushrooms 1000 mg Zinc 150 mg Apple cider vinegar 2 pills/ day 3 boxes of blueberries/ week Monday Wednesday and Friday Cleanse lung 2 pills/ day specially I started it because of the corona virus 3 bananas/ week Tuesday Thursday and Saturday All daily with healthy clean food that cooked from only olive oil and coconut oil, 2-3 eggs a day added turmeric in your eggs also eat some fruits like oranges, grapes, berries or mangosteens Seaweed is my snack during the day & I only drink water or mineral water. No soda no alcohol for me since I allergic to alcohol. I quit smoking 6 years ago. I have been taking all these for 2 years no side effects only I feel better and more energized. Maybe I take too many vitamins. But seriously they do help me for good sleep and better immunity

  37. NkG

    NkGHora atrás

    Wow. After reading all the comments, I realize now how Bill Gates truly IS the devil incarnate. He obviously just wanted to play Thanos and half the world's population, plus he's so rich he definitely funded COVID-19!!! I mean, how else would Gates know about the virus beforehand? It's not as if there's existing research/articles from public health experts and it's not as if Gates, being a business man, knew how public health affects the economy, and thus took the time to do his research about one of the largest public health risks that could affect the economy. No. He must have only known about COVID-19 because he funded and created the virus. No other explanation.

  38. allen kuester

    allen kuesterHora atrás

    The Msnbc the dem channel and in a dem panic....

  39. Ricky Lee

    Ricky LeeHora atrás

    Why race matter we are all human n we are all dying ! God bless America ! @saveusgod

  40. Mark J

    Mark JHora atrás

    Trump* is handling COVID-19 the same way he’s handled his businesses. How many did he run into the ground.......I’ve lost count. #failure

  41. Al Ehringer

    Al EhringerHora atrás

    The communist Republican are not or have ever been. For the American people. They are liers and steal from working people every day .A matter of fact.

  42. Lefty Me

    Lefty MeHora atrás

    A funny comparison. USA : throwing a hail mary. In Denmark .Being the goalkeeper. see the difference?

  43. Don Jindra

    Don JindraHora atrás

    Pelosi is correct on this. It's none of the court's business. These are political parties. They are not formally part of any government. They can choose candidates by straw vote if they want. What is the court going to do next? Tell families how to vote on next years vacation destination?

  44. Safety First

    Safety FirstHora atrás

    MSNBCLSD thank you for looking and acting like Morons everyday! MAGA 🇺🇸4 More Years 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  45. trublu97

    trublu97Hora atrás

    super smart liberal, senate minority leader schumer put on a mask to address the press yesterday.. He put it on wrong. Liberals don't have the sense god gave a hog.

  46. Don Hosteen

    Don HosteenHora atrás

    Native Americans ain’t playing around with this virus

  47. Harry zhang

    Harry zhangHora atrás

    I didn't believe it until recently, this kind of viruses were under developing since 2015 by one of USA University. Anyway, I do think this is the chance that mother of Earth is trying to heal herself. After all these years, we have been taking everything from her, but nothing in return. And now, after we stop moving, the sky become cleaner and water back to crystal clean too.

  48. Hika Reti

    Hika RetiHora atrás

    I don't think he dismissed the NSC pandemic group, I doubt he even knew they existed. That would require an interest in actually governing and he has no interest in governing. I don't think he knows what is in his budgets either other than defense spending and the wall.

  49. Chris Durgin

    Chris DurginHora atrás

    You mean the trump mini rallies at the White House. This is sick. Listen to TRUTH not trump. You point one finger at the problem three point back at you Donnie.

  50. Itlicious

    ItliciousHora atrás

    No once is safe from this virus, not even the common flu

  51. Rose Phoenix

    Rose PhoenixHora atrás

    There is a better hope for the future

  52. Jeannie Jennings

    Jeannie JenningsHora atrás

    This is what happens when we elect one if the dumbest jackassses to lead us. But then what does it say about people who voted for him

  53. Amanda Brinkley

    Amanda BrinkleyHora atrás

    This segment is DEPLORABLE!!!! And so is the story being covered.

  54. Fred Jack

    Fred JackHora atrás

    True that

  55. Leo Sun

    Leo SunHora atrás

    Trump is a narcissistic lunatic..........he needs to be removed forthwith

  56. Karen Piotte

    Karen PiotteHora atrás

    Joe get it right he said 1 and 1/2 million souls could die. Says it right on the screen.

  57. jane diamond

    jane diamondHora atrás

    Trump is a habitual liar. Even his own peeps warned him, but he flat out doesn’t care about Americans. Facts are not real to him. This is tragic. Loves to blame Obama.

  58. Common Sense

    Common SenseHora atrás


  59. Pp J

    Pp JHora atrás

    I hope he make it

  60. Sylvester Woodest

    Sylvester WoodestHora atrás


  61. Shane Frasier

    Shane FrasierHora atrás

    I never thought I'd see a worse federal response to a disaster than Hurricane Katrina, but here we are. If they keep dragging their feet and don't respond more strongly to this, what are we to do?

  62. P A

    P AHora atrás

    As a prior sailor in the U.S. Navy, I sadly confirm that this type of "tow the company line or else" is a disease that infects the service deeply. I suggest careful words and actions for those at the top, your backbone is ready to eat you alive...

  63. Romeo Blues!!

    Romeo Blues!!Hora atrás

    Voter suppression

  64. Sean Breen

    Sean BreenHora atrás

    That’s fine a Red State means Red deaths. Wisconsin Supreme Court just said they are in league with Trump’s Death to Americans campaign.


    QFRIENDHora atrás

    Adam says Atkinson did nothing wrong oh, this is the same piece of garbage that said that they had absolute proof it President Trump was guilty of treason and should be impeached. First it was Russia Russia Russia, which we knew it was the Democrats that set that one up, and then it was your crane your crane your Crane and we know most of these Democrats were involved in that to make money oh, now is Coronavirus coronavirus Coronavirus, and we know that in the future we will be able to prove that the Democrats were involved in that also. Of course we know they ran the two coup attempts against President Trump which was all lies and propaganda they will all pay with their lives for treason for that one. Did you know that Nancy Pelosi's married into a mobster family, and that their primary family business is human trafficking and drug trafficking across the American Mexican border. Nancy takes millions of dollars in bribes from the drug cartels each year. Another note Hillary Clinton's father was a Kingpin mobster in Chicago it took over, after Al Capone was arrested. Do your research know your enemies don't listen to MSNBC or CNN they are the queens of fake news and their pay big money to lie to you oh, and they even work straight fake news.

  66. pokerman6977

    pokerman6977Hora atrás

    msnbc is a collection of traitors showing their hate of America publicly

  67. Rose Phoenix

    Rose PhoenixHora atrás

    Auntie that the people are still opening for emergency like a the moster is very seriously about it that every $1 of it to save life but not losing because this is the way that other to bring of a hold of a different Americans citizens different people in different language it is to be is working together as a family to be United because that family is going to get something it is working together is to be very seriously and to be a responsibility because that is the way it is the future like that everyone and everyone should know this that because the future is going to get more brighter and respectfully and to understand and listening and take you very seriously of a precautions that well the future how is going to be look like it's like everyone need to know

  68. Greg Vidito

    Greg ViditoHora atrás

    Joe Bidon does not know what day it is. He has dementia. He is not fit to do anything. I fear you will regret what will happen in November. As you neighbor we are effected by everything that happens in the US. Four more years of Trump will destroy your country and take us down with you. Shame on you all for ignoring the truth! We will all suffer for it.

  69. Brenda Rose

    Brenda RoseHora atrás

    What is with these reporters and officials with masks pulled down under their chin??? This is not how masks are to be used! You have to consider that once you put the mask on and go out, it is contaminated. If you touch it to pull it down, your hands are now contaminated. BAD

  70. cayala1959

    cayala1959Hora atrás

    I will vote for Cuomo for president

  71. Tomas Jankauskas

    Tomas JankauskasHora atrás

    Pig flu same histori. But much less Panik..

  72. Rene Reyes

    Rene ReyesHora atrás

    Trump and the GOP are the ones stopping America from fighting against the Coronavirus Trump and the GOP are the Enemy the Traitors of America everything that they have done has been to Destroy America LAWLESSNESS Lying Extortion telling America that the Federal reserve belong to them not America Giving All of the Medical Supplies to their billionaire friends and corporations Trump and the GOP are LAUGHING all the way to the Bank Wake Up America It's Already to Late Why are these Criminals getting away with the Crime of the Century

  73. Truth Matters

    Truth MattersHora atrás

    Imagine if MSNBC reported news rather than ridiculous DNC propaganda, innuendo, gossip and speculation? Could MSNBC gain some relevance with normal Americans?

  74. Bob Smith

    Bob SmithHora atrás

    Fake news in panic mode. They can't get rid of Trump. This is fun to watch.

  75. David Feal

    David FealHora atrás

    I am going to build a Great Wall!!!!!!!!!! To keep Mexicans from picking the fields and cleaning your toilets and washing your dishes and cutting your lawns a Great Wall and cages to put children in and the border patrols and ice find them working in factories Latin America is responsible for the corona beer virus!!!!!! Wtf... this is how it all started and this was trumps and the republicans priority!!!

  76. allen kuester

    allen kuesterHora atrás

    P.s polosy go to the doctor your sick ...

  77. Lashesha Hatcher

    Lashesha HatcherHora atrás

    Everybody should get tested before open public people have it don't even know # unfair we have be near people rather be home away from people

  78. Joe Murray

    Joe MurrayHora atrás

    Madison Wisconsin used to have a socialist mayor...

  79. bart perry

    bart perryHora atrás

    Wasn't this the same memo written back in 2002-2004 sars outbreak? it sounds almost identical to the one I saw back then,.... It sounds to me like MSNBC is taking something written years ago and revamping it up for ratings..... COME ONNNNNNN!!!!!! Just because someone takes a memo written YEARS ago during the first SARS outbreak and rewrites it and gives it to the new presidency does NOT make it a "new" memo.... dam.... you know what, it seems like MSNBC does ANYTHING to make up a news story!!!

  80. nathar40

    nathar40Hora atrás

    Trump was too busy bragging about a stable economy that was already flourishing when he took office. The U. S. did not lose any jobs since 2010 until last month. He should have realized people were trying to get his attention not trying to make him look bad. Instead he ended up looking bad by his lack of attention.

  81. Jelly Belly

    Jelly BellyHora atrás

    Republicans can't earn the vote so have to make it difficult for all to vote.

  82. Jim Ruby

    Jim RubyHora atrás

    Why can't worthless msnbc. Help this national emergence by telling people how they can get help for things they need to servive.but instead you point fingers of blame to promote demacrates. Propaganda and keep trump bashing your no good to we the people .you are just fake news and demacrates propaganda.

  83. Joe B

    Joe BHora atrás

    The BUCK in this case - the appointed moron ASN - stops on cadet bone spur’s desk. - oh wait, his desk is non the golf cart.

  84. Roli b

    Roli bHora atrás


  85. Anthony Browne

    Anthony BrowneHora atrás

    Where is Democratic leadership? It seems the only one who is on the people's side is Bernie.

  86. GingerNinja

    GingerNinjaHora atrás

    LOL you can hear them scribbling notes 😁😁

  87. sunnylilme

    sunnylilmeHora atrás

    Trump only fires folks that dont bow to Dear Leader. This guy's totally safe, until he offends the orange snowflake.

  88. Tolu Abisola

    Tolu AbisolaHora atrás

    OMG!!! How was this child allowed to be in charge of anything???

  89. E

    EHora atrás


  90. Seraph Johanson

    Seraph JohansonHora atrás

    Boris is a horrible person. Excuse me while I shed no tears.

  91. ryan Washington

    ryan WashingtonHora atrás

    I voted blue Wisconsin wearing a mask

  92. Vilma Camacho

    Vilma CamachoHora atrás

    So the people voting can wear protective gear as they do when shopping or working. We gotta do what we gotta do.

  93. Wilmo Mee

    Wilmo MeeHora atrás


  94. Bob Smith

    Bob SmithHora atrás

    Fake news! Fake interview! Fake expert! Fake opinion! Fake brain!

  95. David Bieleski

    David BieleskiHora atrás

    Reporter: "There is one word that can describe Trump: Trump: "It was a perfect word. Beautiful word. Nobody, perhaps in this Universe, had ever heard such a perfect word. I have all the best words"

  96. timo costa

    timo costaHora atrás

    I hope Johnson sends abola aids black plaig great companies to trump

  97. Ritchie fabulous

    Ritchie fabulousHora atrás

    We should at least give this drug a try. Patients who are in bad shape will be willing to take this medicine rather than die without a fight

  98. Ron Wuerch

    Ron WuerchHora atrás

    You People Are Shameful Along With This Loser Pelosi...MSNBC Should Be Censored.

  99. allen kuester

    allen kuesterHora atrás

    Polosey please quit or die thanks ...

  100. Ron Davis

    Ron DavisHora atrás

    We are only seeing 1/4 to 1/3 of the real infected. That is what I am seeing from relatives and neighbors. Health workers, police and firemen, and all govt workers are making up the majority of the numbers. The people that make it to intensive care add too. A disease that can be spread by breathing needs real numbers. We could make it all go away like China.