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Apple iPhone 11 REACTION!!
The All-ROG Gaming PC!
  1. Stryider Redz

    Stryider RedzMinuto atrás

    The only parts of that system I like are the Video Cards and the brand of the motherboard (MS)... But thats it!!! Eww, Corsair!! Should be using G.Skill!

  2. Kaustubh H

    Kaustubh HMinuto atrás

    25:54 nice

  3. HolyDevilKing

    HolyDevilKing4 minutos atrás

    10:43 even 2" is a ton. 1" is plenty. 2" just means you spend more time untwisting the wires.

  4. Christopher Dohaniuk

    Christopher Dohaniuk5 minutos atrás

    I’d love that mother board with Tetris built in as well as the graphics on the show glass. ❤️ Sadly I doubt I could ever afford something like this 😂 and I also want one with a Blu-ray/DVD/cd disk drive. But hopefully I could get a gaming themed build similar to this in the future. ❤️

  5. Gábor Szabó

    Gábor Szabó5 minutos atrás

    Well, where I live Ryzen 7 3700X is almost the same priced as i7-9700K and Ryzen 9 3900X is 25% more expensive than i9-9900k. Which is ridiculous when everybody says that it should be cheaper.

  6. Abdul Muhaimin

    Abdul Muhaimin5 minutos atrás

    Video: "Sponsored by Origin PC" TV: "Sponsored by Xbox"

  7. Sgt. Wolfenstein081

    Sgt. Wolfenstein0816 minutos atrás

    Any news on what happened?

  8. Arvid Dezittere

    Arvid Dezittere7 minutos atrás

    'cost effective' Sees the price: yeah

  9. xdeadfortubex

    xdeadfortubex7 minutos atrás

    Windows had an update and the sound is a bit different..

  10. Bourbon Alnomani

    Bourbon Alnomani8 minutos atrás

    This build reminds me of how GOT S8 got crammed.

  11. K Jensen

    K Jensen10 minutos atrás

    This is awesome! Thumbs up Panasonic!

  12. NuLL

    NuLL10 minutos atrás

    They missed the mark on the GFX card positioning, they should have made it look like it was falling into / locked into the blocks on the side panel, right now it looks like a mistake is about to be made...

  13. J Xnev

    J Xnev10 minutos atrás

    Do that in Tropical Counties

  14. neejoy sola

    neejoy sola12 minutos atrás

    It was like watching a car crash that never actually happened.

  15. Tommy G

    Tommy G13 minutos atrás

    "But we gonna just use it for ousleves because we don't have friends" I'm always happy to see that LTT uses always pretty realistic scenarios for its viewers.

  16. Adriel Rodriguez

    Adriel Rodriguez14 minutos atrás

    You’re a bit aggravating to watch. However I did watch the whole thing. First time here. Not subscribing yet. But with 9.5m subs you should be fine. 😂

  17. NoorAzmi

    NoorAzmi16 minutos atrás

    I know, you try to cool it with water because you don't want to damage it and your video will be ruined. I can understand.

  18. Odanda

    Odanda16 minutos atrás

    bruh moment for the youtube algorithim

  19. JuggleBoy

    JuggleBoy17 minutos atrás

    LTT SHIRT LOOKS WAY BETTER Edit: Before you blame me for caps, I wasn't using caps. I was just holding shift.

  20. Iate Nine

    Iate Nine18 minutos atrás

    What makes Linus a Super Hero you ask? All those Shameless LTT Merch plugs.

  21. svxnger

    svxnger20 minutos atrás

    idk, ive always been able to push updates if im occupied with my compter on windows 10

  22. Fotografieren mit

    Fotografieren mit MarcusFotos.de20 minutos atrás

    I had a server once in a rack with lots of other servers that periodical rebooted for no reason. I ended up replacing the whole server. Just to find that it still does show the same behavior. I teared appart the whole rack just to find a cheap home depot style timer switch that cut the power once every night for 5 minutes.

  23. Rain Forinas

    Rain Forinas22 minutos atrás

    can I have that set up? XD

  24. Peace Touz

    Peace Touz24 minutos atrás

    Fabulous! Come out the fourth episode!!!

  25. Jon 1212

    Jon 121225 minutos atrás

    He looks like 78 or 69

  26. trill full

    trill full25 minutos atrás

    so all that work and you’re not even gonna turn it on? wtf is this clickbait bullshit 😤

  27. Andrezzi

    Andrezzi25 minutos atrás

    They put the mute button on the actual mic lol it's like putting your entrance door if your house on the roof. This just shows how disconnected some companies are with reality.

  28. Ivan T

    Ivan T25 minutos atrás

    I bet the brother wanted a mac

  29. ToastyHashbrown

    ToastyHashbrown26 minutos atrás

    Linus come to Australia and fix our internet since no one here knows what they're doing

  30. Eric Gustafsson

    Eric Gustafsson27 minutos atrás

    Now we have to see her deliver it to the brother!!

  31. Fabio Sardone

    Fabio Sardone28 minutos atrás

    World you try to put an AIO instead of a custom water loop?

  32. Thesurvivalpro

    Thesurvivalpro29 minutos atrás


  33. Whiterin

    Whiterin30 minutos atrás

    I have an AOC monitor similar to this. Looks the exact same, but it's 24 in 1080p 144hz. I've actually got my brightness set at 90, and I had to adjust the gamma and colour settings a bit because it was too bright for me. I think the issues he was having in the game would be better corrected by adjusting the colour settings. These monitors seem to have setting that lean toward "warmer" colours, even on the base "cool" setting, which causes a redish image.

  34. Sir Ganthium

    Sir Ganthium33 minutos atrás

    12:12 CS:GOOOOOO

  35. Vilmos Lente

    Vilmos Lente34 minutos atrás


  36. Matt Miller

    Matt Miller34 minutos atrás

    um linus windows 95 is only turning 24 this year

  37. Roy Giesbrecht

    Roy Giesbrecht35 minutos atrás

    I’m not breathing manually

  38. Andrew

    Andrew37 minutos atrás

    Oh look a Mac actually worth the sum of the cost of it's parts.

  39. Verlisify

    Verlisify38 minutos atrás

    That sneak peek was hot. Tetris effect is bomb

  40. Ramsey comics

    Ramsey comics40 minutos atrás

    Working Compaq portable PCs are going for $250 to $499 on ebay

  41. JefferySandburger

    JefferySandburger41 minuto atrás

    You should have built the Death Star

  42. Giorgos Kalamidas

    Giorgos Kalamidas41 minuto atrás


  43. peterz studio

    peterz studio42 minutos atrás

    linus, can you buy me a gaming pc cause i dont have one:(

  44. Jerich Morey

    Jerich Morey42 minutos atrás

    "we only got one of these" never felt so tiny in my entire life.....

  45. Tray2000

    Tray200042 minutos atrás

    I’m trying to figure out why are you wearing the sandals in November

  46. Giorgos Kalamidas

    Giorgos Kalamidas45 minutos atrás

    Wow i haven't seen Luke for a while, he gained weight o_O

  47. Bobby Brown

    Bobby Brown47 minutos atrás

    too much meeaaahhhh cue roger the alien.

  48. notthere83

    notthere8348 minutos atrás

    "Motherboards die faster than the CPUs do" - tell me about it. Over the last 10 years, I think I had 3 motherboards fail on me. And nothing else. I sort of wish it was like in the good old days, where at least for me, no motherboard died but sometimes, a graphics card or maybe a network card or maybe a hard... you know what, I'm fine with hard drives not dying as frequently any more. ;) But with the others - it was obviously simply easier to just pull out a card and put in a new one vs. the fucking motherboard...

  49. Rahul Gill

    Rahul Gill49 minutos atrás

    Tech BRgors measuring dick sizes.

  50. okänd

    okänd51 minuto atrás

    I'm pretty sure Tetris Effect should support normal gamepads while in VR too. It's not like you need motion control for anything besides your head.

  51. Robert Hopkins

    Robert Hopkins51 minuto atrás

    8:34 FLMAO! Alien is back and alive!

  52. Tibor

    Tibor54 minutos atrás

    I wish this project is still alive. I really want this case or similar...

  53. Lost Cosmonaut

    Lost Cosmonaut55 minutos atrás

    Why I have an RTX: Minecraft RTX comming in 2020

  54. Tenth Shadow

    Tenth Shadow55 minutos atrás

    I agree with you On that agreements if you going to build it yourself it should be cheaper Because ur putting yourself into labor not them

  55. Ostrich News

    Ostrich News59 minutos atrás

    the ad I got was narrated by you...

  56. presh xd

    presh xdHora atrás

    This would make a really good secondary monitor stacked on top the primary

  57. Ivan Fojan

    Ivan FojanHora atrás

    Not connecting to the correct motherboard fan header. You're such a tart Linus 😂😂😂

  58. MrLelo80

    MrLelo80Hora atrás

    this is so rediculous im asking myself how those ppl get even a job when they dont event know basic knowledge.. and im not just talking from IT sad to say..

  59. demonien

    demonienHora atrás

    Linus: Two 2080 cost effective... Me: What?! lmao

  60. julesloveless

    juleslovelessHora atrás

    And this is why I hate living in the Philippines.

  61. snelpiller

    snelpillerHora atrás

    How can subscription page stand for 30+% of the views, and BRgo thinks it OK to not show all subs on the sub page? Don't know if this happens anymore, but used to be that yt would just not allow you your subbed creators in your own sub page

  62. Marc

    MarcHora atrás

    Is it me or he's just looking at the wrong brand (even if this comment is like a year from now) because I'm rocking with my 77 dollar smartphone with a Helio P23 and 3 gigs of RAM in it.

  63. loriano lopez

    loriano lopezHora atrás

    Can I have a pc that is laying there pleez

  64. Justin L

    Justin LHora atrás

    where's the follow up video for this where they show which pcs post and do gaming?

  65. soiadia achraf

    soiadia achrafHora atrás

    Listen my friend I am poor and my dream is to buy a computer games so please can you buy me a PC

  66. Баходурбек Абдурахманов

    Баходурбек АбдурахмановHora atrás

    are y dolboeb⁉️ or ebobobo⁉️ 👎🏼

  67. The Opinion of Matt

    The Opinion of MattHora atrás

    The LTT logo at the end made me think, "LTT should do a collaboration video with the Stone Coat Countertops channel."

  68. danmar007

    danmar007Hora atrás

    I remember finding out about Picquic screwdrivers from your video lo these many years ago. And about much more since.

  69. Syntax

    SyntaxHora atrás

    Has the monitor the same measurements etc as the AOC C27G1? I want to put them next to each orher.

  70. mary marshall

    mary marshallHora atrás

    *I recommend Marshallcraig3 on IG on bitcoin mining you're going to thank me later*

  71. failure

    failureHora atrás

    1:17 so it still has a wire ,lol?

  72. mary marshall

    mary marshallHora atrás

    *I recommend Marshallcraig3 on IG on bitcoin mining you're going to thank me later*

  73. Ted Sampson

    Ted SampsonHora atrás

    10000$ to play tetris

  74. Kasomoru Mitsuru

    Kasomoru MitsuruHora atrás

    Ok Jake your cool, Linus dropped the ball on this one.

  75. Kally

    KallyHora atrás

    Does Alex have an Android? If so, you can emulate any TI calculator extremely easy and it's GREAT.

  76. Tibor

    TiborHora atrás

    You smart people here, Is there any SLI Bridge aka Nvlink where I can connect two GPU's where on is vertical mounted and another somehow on mainboard - normal position

  77. Charles Masamvi

    Charles MasamviHora atrás

    Hope the 15" looked like this

  78. Shaun Madden

    Shaun MaddenHora atrás

    plug in a controller you nub!~

  79. TheMrKlump

    TheMrKlumpHora atrás

    That's a tacky ass pc.

  80. 1000 subs no video pls help me get this goal plsss

    1000 subs no video pls help me get this goal plsssHora atrás

    Why is Linus Minecraft skin looks like spifey

  81. Redemptioner1

    Redemptioner1Hora atrás

    *sniff* *sniff* "whats that smell"? "Oh that's just your frontal lobe cooking, you don't need that right"?

  82. Dalethegamerite 11

    Dalethegamerite 11Hora atrás

    He should of ran the memz virus

  83. ThatThereTim

    ThatThereTimHora atrás

    Or just sack all that off and buy an Oculus Quest. (It even won best VR headset at the VR awards)

  84. Osama Talaat

    Osama TalaatHora atrás

    Great video Cool stunts you should consider going to Hollywood :D

  85. A

    AHora atrás

    Kinda disappointed Linus didn't plug the LTT underwear while jake was bending over.

  86. Just Jordan

    Just JordanHora atrás


  87. Aaron Sharp

    Aaron SharpHora atrás

    Who's waiting for scrapyard wars season 8 it's today :D

  88. kenshinflyer

    kenshinflyerHora atrás

    Then again, if that guy knew Linus built it, he might sell it for twice the build price, heheheh

  89. Joe Jupiter

    Joe JupiterHora atrás

    Either the tetrominoes (blocks made out of 4 directly neighboring squares) on the side panel were drawn by someone who does not know how tetrominoes look like or I'm just not aware of those versions of Tetris that also used non-tetromino blocks. But why would you still call it Tetris with non-tetromino blocks? So I expect it's the former one. Also, the bottom row of the block pile already is completed but it's still there. If you draw a Tetris game on the side of an Origin PC, please first play Tetris at least once and try to understand how the game works. Imagine a Half-Life themed PC with Gordan Freeman on the side. Okay, it looks nice. But then you look closer and see he's not holding a gravity gun but a portal gun.

  90. Gfdgdfgdfgdfg Gfdgdfgdfgdfg

    Gfdgdfgdfgdfg GfdgdfgdfgdfgHora atrás

    switch to a mac? disgusting!

  91. inphuriated

    inphuriatedHora atrás

    minecraft has never been so nauseating, and I don't have a vr headset but just the thought..

  92. Andreas Peter

    Andreas PeterHora atrás

    This is good for your brain. +20% MP.

  93. justin smith

    justin smithHora atrás

    whats funny is that a friend of mine has had the wireless adapter on his vive for over a year. i thought for sure linus would have had it well before now lol

  94. DragoniteFX

    DragoniteFXHora atrás

    im looking at this video and im like : will i be able to play with this pc in my dreams?

  95. Electroblade

    ElectrobladeHora atrás

    omg you're so bad at tetris

  96. Major Wolf 72

    Major Wolf 72Hora atrás

    This so made my day 😂

  97. LackHapeLuis

    LackHapeLuisHora atrás

    MacOS is wayyyy better than windows...

  98. Boo Whitney

    Boo WhitneyHora atrás

    Really enjoy these videos! Thank you!