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  1. Toby Schneider

    Toby Schneider30 segundos atrás

    Wow, booing Tom Brady at half !!! Man has brought your franchise 6 super bowls and has taken pay cuts for 15 years, what an ungrateful fan base. Patriots will go back to a crappy franchise once Brady retires.

  2. cedric williams

    cedric williams4 minutos atrás

    GO HAWKS!!!💙💚💙💚

  3. DJ Chill Will

    DJ Chill Will4 minutos atrás

    I love watching winston get sacked. If you do too ---> 0:26, 4:24, 5:33, 6:22

  4. Cody ALLCAPS

    Cody ALLCAPS5 minutos atrás

    I’ll take the Ravens with the upset this week 107-6

  5. Erick

    Erick5 minutos atrás

    Where he been lately

  6. Dominant Persona

    Dominant Persona8 minutos atrás

    11:25 talking about BBC while the female co host is grinning crom cheek to cheel

  7. elver galarga

    elver galarga8 minutos atrás

    Mike Tomlin is the coach of the year , when you lose you’re QB/RB/WR AND DEFENSE STARS and still manage to stay alive in the playoffs chase THATS coaching !

  8. Devil- Tovar G

    Devil- Tovar G8 minutos atrás


  9. RVA Josh

    RVA Josh11 minutos atrás

    I'm a Raven's fan but goddamn I love hearing Mike Tomlin with his players

  10. Ryan Someone

    Ryan Someone12 minutos atrás

    26:33 I think we need to change this now...

  11. Phoenix Antone

    Phoenix Antone12 minutos atrás

    DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM A PATRIOTS FAN...but they got robbed on a few TD's. Still 😊 about it tho

  12. Lethal Weapon

    Lethal Weapon13 minutos atrás

    That music though

  13. Sunset

    Sunset13 minutos atrás

    oof feel bad for that kid at 3:18 holding out his hat and pen, waiting for someone to sign yet i don’t think anyone would-

  14. Clement Capelle

    Clement Capelle13 minutos atrás

    Boston Scott balled out!!!!

  15. Hector Bautista

    Hector Bautista13 minutos atrás

    Sweet james!!!!!!

  16. Farva Mo

    Farva Mo13 minutos atrás

    Mike Tomlin showing what he can do when he has selfless players

  17. Andrew Sercer

    Andrew Sercer14 minutos atrás

    FAMILY ON ONE !! .....

  18. Carlos Inda

    Carlos Inda15 minutos atrás

    Not a Steelers fan but i would run a brick wall for Mike Tomlin. What a coach.

  19. Dude Number 1

    Dude Number 115 minutos atrás

    Fortunately for the Raiders, they’re playing an even worse team.

  20. Dylan Cannon

    Dylan Cannon16 minutos atrás

    This game was a big reason the Oilers moved to Tennessee

  21. Jamel Macon

    Jamel Macon17 minutos atrás

    My barber is a better NFL analyst than these clowns


    GREATEST CHEATS OF ALL TIME17 minutos atrás


  23. Dude Number 1

    Dude Number 117 minutos atrás

    Let the Tank Bowl begin!

  24. Shawn

    Shawn18 minutos atrás

    Pats fans still crying after the shoe switched feet lmao

  25. Merciful King

    Merciful King20 minutos atrás

    Bruno Mars, the only man in this world who is worthy to replace Micheal Jackson.


    DINGUS WINGUS21 minuto atrás

    I beileve in carr

  27. Logan Dill

    Logan Dill21 minuto atrás

    Prediction: Texans Win Division Titans Season Standings: 9-7 Texans Season Standings: 10-6

  28. Gabee

    Gabee22 minutos atrás

    We gonna look back at this laughing how lamar got picked so low

  29. PT Parker

    PT Parker22 minutos atrás

    4:04. It sounded like bill said my pleasure. There for he secretly works for chick fil a. No wonder there closed on Sunday🤨

  30. Z.Z Shirer

    Z.Z Shirer23 minutos atrás

    No game is better then when both teams not only really want the win but are also having a lot of fun going for it.

  31. joseelno1

    joseelno125 minutos atrás

    I was 15 yrs old .it was raining in Southern California.winchells donuts had just introduced the jumbo donut.i remember not believing my eyes and eating my big donut and feeling lonely and sad

  32. Kaick

    Kaick27 minutos atrás

    6:19 who is this guy? What's his name?

  33. Texas Trill 713

    Texas Trill 71328 minutos atrás

    Texans all day Watson is a magician!!

  34. Fullmetaljango

    Fullmetaljango30 minutos atrás

    9:47 tribisky servin up some hot turnovers

  35. cory silva

    cory silva31 minuto atrás

    and that smile at the end; what a cheating MF'er........ he knew the guy was coming. That little prance with the right foot wasn't fooling anyone

  36. Marquies Johnson

    Marquies Johnson36 minutos atrás

    He's so underrated and it's crazy because not only can cover outside but he's one of the best nickel Corners in the league as well so he's just a overall great DB

  37. Daniel Pennington

    Daniel Pennington36 minutos atrás

    This has to be the sickest game for Houston fans. I just hope these 2019 Buffalo Bills can dethrone those hateful Patriots for the AFC East Title!

  38. Matthew Jacob

    Matthew Jacob37 minutos atrás

    Vikings one was not fair at all there was a bad call I remember anywasy the lost their next game and have never one the superbowl sooo

  39. Rowena Carrillo

    Rowena Carrillo37 minutos atrás

    Maher really sucks sometimes

  40. Just N/A

    Just N/A38 minutos atrás

    That guy might have a stronger arm than Elway or maybe compare to Bret Farr's arm

  41. YKR

    YKR38 minutos atrás

    Have to look towards next season, Panthers should drop Cam, and get a new quarter back while Kyle Allen can either be back up or be traded. We need a better OLine as well as Defense. Our team just sucks. Only good player is MCCaffrey.

  42. Dontouchme 2199

    Dontouchme 219938 minutos atrás

    Uh 11 and 2

  43. Bleed Green

    Bleed Green38 minutos atrás

    It seems like they run noticeably faster w/o pads on

  44. Brycen Collinson

    Brycen Collinson39 minutos atrás

    dad are you there

  45. Jacquel Watson

    Jacquel Watson39 minutos atrás

    I’m tired of Eli “Losing his feet” bruh stay tf up they not even tackling you

  46. Disterbed Herb

    Disterbed Herb39 minutos atrás

    Steelers fans you are sniffing glue

  47. StartedWhat TheyWanted

    StartedWhat TheyWanted39 minutos atrás

    Cowboys have to wake up 😥

  48. A Baby

    A Baby40 minutos atrás

    Is Ridley out ?

  49. Quack Attack

    Quack Attack40 minutos atrás

    Cowboys 30- 23 Rams Cowboys win.

  50. Norbero Fontanez

    Norbero Fontanez41 minuto atrás

    Gronkowsky??? Didn't he retire ???? I'm living UNDER a rock😖

  51. Disterbed Herb

    Disterbed Herb41 minuto atrás

    They are Steelers fans of course they going to pick them

  52. Steven Pleasant

    Steven Pleasant41 minuto atrás

    Boston Scott!!

  53. J6RŞ6Y D6VÏL

    J6RŞ6Y D6VÏL42 minutos atrás

    I experienced 17 asthma attacks and a small case of diabetes watching this game. Now I'm cured

  54. pasabist on IG

    pasabist on IG43 minutos atrás

    1:36 that was a great play!!

  55. Roberto Ramirez

    Roberto Ramirez44 minutos atrás

    Yeah kimmel can be a snowflake

  56. Bk6346

    Bk634645 minutos atrás

    Plays like Madden 2020

  57. Jonathan Lozano

    Jonathan Lozano46 minutos atrás

    This exact thing happened when the Steelers and the Cardinals game started

  58. cindy vlady

    cindy vlady48 minutos atrás

    i cant decide if im just gonna watch her performance or read comments telling how great she is!

  59. Julian Gonzalez

    Julian Gonzalez49 minutos atrás

    If the 49ers win we’ll be the daddy of the nfc south

  60. Cesc Keith

    Cesc Keith49 minutos atrás

    6:57 he didn't even score

  61. David dodd

    David dodd50 minutos atrás

    I bet obj got mad when Steve said we got a great wr to Cleveland and his name is Jarvis Landry

  62. Won Roddy

    Won Roddy50 minutos atrás

    Cowboys gonna win

  63. Charlie Coccia

    Charlie Coccia50 minutos atrás

    Rams 27 Cowboys 14. Garrett gets fired the next day.

  64. emisoccer •

    emisoccer •52 minutos atrás

    Possible upset game

  65. Rahul Vikram

    Rahul Vikram52 minutos atrás

    Seahawks always make it a close game

  66. Lelei808

    Lelei80853 minutos atrás

    Seahawks40 Panthers16

  67. tim23tom23

    tim23tom2353 minutos atrás

    "Master of the Audible", "Greatest Pocket Passer" Say what you want but you can't deny that if he was a Patriot they'd have MORE rings

  68. Playboi Pb

    Playboi Pb55 minutos atrás

    Why do y’all highlight the Texans when they lose so bad🤦🏾‍♂️🥱

  69. Tyrex

    Tyrex56 minutos atrás

    The NFL letting the Pats cheat throughout their dynasty has to be the most disgraceful thing in sports history. Always just gets swept under the rug. Surely they wanted to "just delete the footage and forget all about it" for no reason. It's official, the NFL is as genuine and unscripted as the WWE. Everything points to it being a fact. The NFL themselves have made that clear enough with how they've handled cheating allegations and poor refereeing over the past 20 years. It's all just a big show designed to make as much money as possible with the storylines they manufacture.

  70. jaybuzzkill

    jaybuzzkill57 minutos atrás

    Bar none!!! Best game I have honestly seen in a very long time - For a moment I thought I was watching a boxing match.

  71. isaac 5

    isaac 558 minutos atrás

    Give him more playing time!!!

  72. x CrusaderOfHope

    x CrusaderOfHopeHora atrás

    6:36 Man I thought that last one to tackle him was trynna throw hands 😂🤣 7:58 I was so confused on why tf #15 was walking/power walking like that 🤣

  73. Spec- Jones

    Spec- JonesHora atrás


  74. Jason Fischer

    Jason FischerHora atrás

    Gee, what a surprise. The "experts" were wrong.

  75. Awesome gamer dadasa

    Awesome gamer dadasaHora atrás

    I love this line “D.K Metcalf makes the adjustment and the CATCH”!

  76. James Porcelly

    James PorcellyHora atrás

    I’ll never understand why Steelers fans wanted Mike Tomlin fired, I’ll take him as my head coach any day ❌🧢

  77. Ballsdeep Singh

    Ballsdeep SinghHora atrás

    237-13 Panthers. CMC 532 all purpose yards

  78. Roger Horst

    Roger HorstHora atrás

    Should be announcing a high school game. Gosh annoying voice whoever it is

  79. Frank White

    Frank WhiteHora atrás

    Want to start a petition to include McCringleberry in Madden 21....

  80. Frank White

    Frank WhiteHora atrás

    I want a McCringleberry shirt so badly...

  81. Duane S

    Duane SHora atrás

    These rankings are wacky by design, it is done purposely to get responses and to get more clicks. Imagine if this rankings list was just as you would expect it to be - there would be very little comments and no one would click this site because it would not be as interesting.

  82. Andrew Garcia

    Andrew GarciaHora atrás

    I was there! All the way from New Mexico. Sporting my orange and blue. I was very shocked with the fans. That place was so quite. I kept telling my wife, if this were in Denver (fighting for division title) we wouldn't be able to hear each other! Poor home field advantage for the Texans.

  83. jmcghane

    jmcghaneHora atrás

    As long as the 49ers stay focus they'll be fine even though the Falcons have gotten better for the past few weeks.

  84. Erik Hopkins

    Erik HopkinsHora atrás

    And they still got BLASTED!

  85. Humble Wisdom

    Humble WisdomHora atrás

    Anyone who has not played in the snow, just don't know what there missing.


    JR ALFREINHora atrás

    No chance browns your going down.gooooooo cardinals baby.

  87. Odis Jones

    Odis JonesHora atrás

    The backfield of the texans..what




  89. Pennstate21 Steel curtain

    Pennstate21 Steel curtainHora atrás

    I was at that Steelers game so many terrible towl🔥🔥🔥

  90. Andrew Z

    Andrew ZHora atrás

    Bears 24 Packers 17

  91. c biscuit

    c biscuitHora atrás

    12:35 this dude don't know what he sayin

  92. Carl D

    Carl DHora atrás

    This game comes down to a battle of wills. That's it. It's not a game of skill at this point. Anyone who knows anything about the AFC South knows that the Titans have something to prove right now. The offense has something to prove with Tannehill, Brown, and Henry...and the defense has something to prove with the crazy plays they've been making and letting people know they can't sleep or be lazy with their play calls. The Titans know that these last few games aren't just about this season, but about how we are perceived in the AFC South moving forward. We used to be the threat, and I think the players know that to get us back to that spot, we need to win some more AFC South battles. We got the Colts this year already...which was huge for the divisional we need to uproot the Texans. #TitanUp

  93. Kelli Black

    Kelli BlackHora atrás

    Congrats Brady on 6 rings

  94. RonsteR AK

    RonsteR AKHora atrás

    Why didnt they hand it off to marshawn lynch?! haha

  95. HTX 713

    HTX 713Hora atrás

    As a Texans fan I see us losing this game cuz of the incompetence in the coaching staff but we still make the playoffs

  96. Brady Delpidio

    Brady DelpidioHora atrás


  97. water

    waterHora atrás

    dude only played 47 games for the cowboys and scored like 37 or 38 touchdowns in that time. Say what you want about his shitty "team destroying" attitude off the field. But on the field he was a monster.

  98. Dennis Rivenburg

    Dennis RivenburgHora atrás

    The good old days

  99. smithers

    smithersHora atrás

    Better than Moss

  100. Benji Arehart

    Benji ArehartHora atrás

    Titans 31/Texans 17