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    1:40 no, Matpat. The eyes indicate an advanced case of Marilyn Manson.

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    Guess it's time to drive half an hour from my city to go raid the Simpson's house because apparently I live half an hour away .,.

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    baby yoda do do do do baby yoda grandpa yoda do do do grandpa yoda do do do ^force chock^

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    I think its kentucky. One of the episodes they say "this upper Kentucky family" and there's a springfield and shelbyville in kentucky. And like pointed out they have took a plane to oregon. Also there's a new haven and hodgenville in kentucky which are probably the real names and matt groening twisted them

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    I’m just mad about who they hired to play solo.

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    I really love your channel and is a sub but Sorry but your wrong about his form his original size is the big one but he lost mass from an accident but your right about the quirk being in two genres he shouldn't be to gain mass instantly if his quirk is not transformation type quirk which means he does have two types transformation and emitter type because deku had to activate it by focusing it in a part of the body like how he does to his fingers, arms and legs

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    Jesus, This man might be the least funny human on this planet whos also constantly trying to be funny. It's insufferable.

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    Here’s what I think remove the 0 from the 50 to make 5 so baby yoda is basically 5 and when yoda is 900 just remove the second 0 so he would basically be 90 so yeah that is my theory on why baby yoda is 50 and yoda dies at 90

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    With frozen 2 coming out Elsa powers were a gift from the forbidden forest when her mom and her dad met. ( sorry 😐 for spoilers )

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    Twist: Anakin was also created by Sheev, to later become his apprentice, and also to have an inside man/spy in the jedi council. His mother also said that he has no father

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    Big BRAIN

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    The baby yoda was very good. Nice one

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    I can only hear green needle

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    Wait, was this theory before they had that trailer with 'Sith Rey' with the double-blade flip saber? If so, good on you, MatPat!

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    I’m afraid of alge too

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    Rebel Scum....

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    Wait. What if she’s the mandolorians daughter

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    I just clicked on this video already about to leave because I'm not having baby yoda get ruined for me

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    The intro makes me want to commit suicide

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    we are older than star wars

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    Smith states that humans love misery. Even in a perfect world the matrix collapsed 5 times. Humanity's misery is a perfect world hence the in process fall of the system. The suffering and hardship of Neo and everyone else only solidifies that they were living in a perfect world. And that is was collapsing because of it. It was only until that Neo had lost everything he had obtained, and right behind him was the Bastion of humanity. On the brink of losing it all. The impending feeling of uncertain doom and the loss of the only thing that really loved him was gone. He was free. I mean He refused the architect's negotiation of peace the FIRST time and almost fucked everything up because of his love for Trinity. With all hope lost and everything on the brink. Neo, finally at peace with himself and reality ended up causing the Matrix to reboot. Neos misery was Smiths peace. Neos peace was Smiths misery. And when they had combined. It literally equaled out. Yet that only adds to the architect's displeasure, and the Oracle's satisfaction, only adding and fueling not only humanities perfect world. But the AIs perfect world too. The AI robots are no different then the humans. Thats why they play the game of Misery and that's why it fails. The Oracle's son is smith. And the Architects son is Neo. "If she is the mother, the undoubtedly that would make me the father"

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    when the game theory video begins with filthy frank battle music :( false nostalgia has been triggered

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    I really didn't get this theory. What's the point here. Besides saying things we already know?

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    Hey now, Baby Yoda is a Galactic Treasure.

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    Critics love social justice warriors and audiences don’t.

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    What did the cat do to make Rick and Jerry so traumatized?

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    his tone its weird

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    Seriously tho 2 years....that isnt very professional. You completely squandered the hype gained from episodes 1 and 2 and I would bet there is a good chance you could have gotten a lot more views had it not taken 2 years because countless people had discovered you and become interested and then completely forgotten about you over 2 years and moved on completely with peoples ever changing tastes and appetites for content and they will likely never see the final episode. You are really hurting yourself by taking so long.. idk why it took so long but.....ya played yourself.

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    Wow I’ve been a fan for a while and didn’t even know Matt had a child ...

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    I liked this format different but still good

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    The new Ducktales just plain sucks. Webigail is obnoxious, she needs to go back to her old style rather than being the incessant answer to the question nobody asked.

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    Where do u think the U.S. got the 30 trillion dollar debt What do you think they are researching in Area 51

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    This video is a Matt Pat family photo album disguised as a Star Wars video... Well played MP.

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    Yoda is the name of the species canonically he didn’t go by his first name because he felt he didn’t deserve it after failing the Jedi order

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    Matpat: says I should spell soap Me: spells soup cause I’m eating it. yes but actually no

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    Bill Nye as a guest for a follow up theory to break the internet!

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    Let’s re-iterate: thanos couldve just as easily DOUBLED the resources instead of halving the population.

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    Great theory but it’s implied there’s more yodas in canon. He’s from a planet on the other rim but it’s not mentioned which one. He also hid it from the archives to avoid the war reaching it so they’re probably just hiding from everyone

  66. joshua delos reyes

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    Golden age joker : suicide squad's joker (the one to replace the 1966 joker one) the killer Silver age joker : ??? (Unknown as of now) the greedy Bronze age joker : Ben afleck joker (I assume that he will be the one to replace the character for the greatest joker as of now... The joker Heath Ledger) the mentally ill Seing as what you said bronze joker works alone so aswell as the new joker Joaquin Phoenix You posted that new joker movie trailer about Ben Afleck being a mentally ill person that only thinks his joker when he is in his delusion world and is always ALONE when he do his stunts... I assume that something good will happen in the future hehehe. Oh yeah I made a same comment on you're vid about Will joker save DC universe part 2 That's where I found all the info I needed ty hehe.

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    The Laffer Curve of child development, interesting. I am confused how Yoda became a Jedi Master before 100 when according to the new canon he should of still been a child at that point....but that's the problem of trying to mix the expanded universe with Disney Star Wars.

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    At no point in the show does anybody who knows what baby yoda is state that baby yoda is 50 years old. That's called argument from ignorance. We have no idea what chain codes are. It is stated they are 50 years old. Baby yoda could be 2 months old or 500 years old for all we know. Granted, that 50 years would be around when certain characters were hanging around certain cloning facilities but that's not the point - what's happened is people have inferred that he's 50 years old, doesn't make it correct.

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    Yoda went to corrasont or whatever and cloned himself, his species lives longer than 1000 so baby Yoda being 50 isn't far-fetched, Yoda cloned himself predicting order 66 and hid his clone on the planet the mandalorian found him on.

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