hi again


  1. goodbookin

    goodbookin50 minutos atrás

    “Hi guys, legally I can’t talk about anything but the moral of the story is I missed BRgo and I’m so glad to be back, but I don’t want this to be about ME you know? ugh it’s so tough, anyway gEt ReAdY wItH mE”

  2. Sammy Paige

    Sammy PaigeHora atrás

    I feel like she's trying to be as genuine as possible in this video and people are just tearing her down again. Like yes it was a fucked thing to do but its been 9 months, get tf over it, chill w the hate, and let her do her. k byee :)))

  3. JJ's World

    JJ's WorldHora atrás

    Two Words: Robert Shapiro

  4. Cansu Dilek

    Cansu DilekHora atrás

    welcome back

  5. Samantha

    SamanthaHora atrás

    There are still people who love you, Olivia!! ignore all the mean comments! I think you are a good person with a big heart, and that is the most important thing!

  6. Pedro Claudio

    Pedro ClaudioHora atrás

    We love you Olivia, keep goin' mate! you are a very good person! be humble, be strong, be patient!

  7. Vin#S#RACE

    Vin#S#RACE2 horas atrás

    Who cares go back where you came from and get a face lift or something u need one

  8. Salty Sag

    Salty Sag2 horas atrás

    Miss your tutorials so much

  9. Laura Lott

    Laura Lott3 horas atrás

    Proud of you! Keep going. People are being rude and trying to drag you and your family in the mud for something they would have done, if given the chance. I’m still here.

  10. Fairy Circle

    Fairy Circle3 horas atrás

    Just get off the internet.

  11. ali Deasy

    ali Deasy3 horas atrás

    BRAVO young LADY ,,,,, BRAVO

  12. Margaret Davis

    Margaret Davis3 horas atrás

    you honestly deserve to be in jail just as much as your parents. you knew damn well what you were doing, but apparently you feel too good for real life consequences such as shame and regret. you expressed literally 0 remorse in this video. maybe you should have used those 7 months to HUMBLE yourself instead of wondering if people still want to watch your shitty videos

  13. Margaret Davis

    Margaret Davis3 horas atrás

    you just want to stay relevant because your fame (that you did not earn) is your only shot at anything. pick up a real skill that real people have to learn. mommy isn't handing you money anymore

  14. Margaret Davis

    Margaret Davis3 horas atrás

    you ... didn't... apologize... once....

  15. Jsuhn Mahrkiz

    Jsuhn Mahrkiz3 horas atrás

    So how’s this video workout out for you?

  16. lily

    lily3 horas atrás

    why she sound like that

  17. She_is_She_

    She_is_She_3 horas atrás

    so did she move all her good furniture to the other side of the room? you dont live like us. stop with these bullshit optics 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. She_is_She_

    She_is_She_3 horas atrás

    and stop with the face fillers girl. youre gonna look like jigsaw

  19. Brad Hardisty

    Brad Hardisty3 horas atrás


  20. Marissa Zato

    Marissa Zato4 horas atrás

    Leave her alone. Good god. She is obviously probably extremely overwhelmed.

  21. Amalal

    Amalal4 horas atrás



    STORM AMBER KUHN4 horas atrás

    Glad she's back, I still like her :) Everybody commenting about how shit she is MUST BE completely perfect, and have gotten some sort of judging pass. Everybody here saying that they would never have done what her parents did, but you've never been in that position so how do you know. There are also more pressing matters in the world to worry about than a Olivia Jade scandal. It happened, get over it, they're paying their price.

  23. Orange Joe

    Orange Joe4 horas atrás

    No one likes you.

  24. Marco Piccoli

    Marco Piccoli4 horas atrás

    Bella and Olivia Giannulli ❤️ From Verona ( the city of Romeo and Juliet) Italy

  25. ClearSpeed

    ClearSpeed4 horas atrás

    She looks like she could play a cop on Law & Order

  26. Emily Blair

    Emily Blair4 horas atrás

    omg wow your gorgeous

  27. lioness808 ###

    lioness808 ###4 horas atrás

    Honey sit down. 5 million ppl dont like you. Open a book

  28. Aisha Perez

    Aisha Perez4 horas atrás

    The moral of the story is you didn't learn shit, you're still a spoiled little brat and this video was s waste. Your parents failed you, but you are old enough to know better. How dare you think you're better than people less fortunate. Pick up a book for once and get smarter. 500 , 000 to get your ass in a school -_- girl....pick up a couple of books please.

  29. rdclous

    rdclous5 horas atrás

    You are nothing than an entitled rich brat and you haven't thought a second about what you did wrong! As someone who needs to work her ass off to pay for university and staying alive, I honestly wish you nothing positive in your life

  30. Timothy John-Luke Smith, PSA

    Timothy John-Luke Smith, PSA5 horas atrás

    Hi Olivia, you have my support and I am so happy to see you posting again. Keep your chin up and keep posting, baby steps. You have my support and that of many others. ~God Bless

  31. Nabila Blaibel

    Nabila Blaibel5 horas atrás

    Y’all are ripping her apart in the comments. CHILL she’s so young let her live and maybe dont ridicule her with something that was out of her control. Maybe she is privileged but ridiculing someone for that makes you no better. Her privileged life is all she knows it’s not her fault. I feel like her family has gone through enough opinions from the whole world. Let her be a young adult and learn life the way we all do, even if it’s slightly different then all our broke asses. Damn people really out here in comments hating so hard on one person who just wants to make a video. How about taking that energy and writing hate comments on the shit that’s going on in CHINA, LEBANON, SYRIA to ppl who don’t have a voice. This is why ppl think the younger generation is so dumb and wrapped up with unimportant news, that literally doesn’t effect any of us other then ppl who are actually going through it around the world. yes I went off sis✌🏽

  32. faimzan21

    faimzan21Hora atrás

    OK. You know there are Future Dr who are from a certain ethnicity and because of affirmative action they can't study (university need a percentage of blacks and native Indian) now we have millionaire paying to be a doctor.


    BROKELYN5 horas atrás

    I searched for „shanghai school vlog“ and that’s what came out

  34. Zara Fatima

    Zara Fatima5 horas atrás

    The amount of hate in the comment section is so horrifying

  35. Samantha

    SamanthaHora atrás

    Zara Fatima honestly... it makes me sad. The most important thing is that she is a good person with a good heart

  36. Oscar Rondon

    Oscar Rondon5 horas atrás

    I'm with you! Welcome back

  37. Decade Defector

    Decade Defector5 horas atrás

    You knew and I hope you get prison time as well.

  38. Hillsdale

    Hillsdale5 horas atrás

    TLDR; Hey guys, i cant talk about what happened but I still want to be rich and famous. See you soon.

  39. Curious Mutation

    Curious Mutation5 horas atrás

    She seems to have the intelligence level of a 7 year old kid.

  40. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes5 horas atrás

    There’s always University of Phoenix. Oh wait. Their motto is “Built for working adults”. ... working... adults. Sorry, never mind.

  41. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes5 horas atrás

    Olivia Jade: hi again Everyone: Bye Felicia

  42. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes5 horas atrás

    Duping Delight