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  1. Nany Navarro

    Nany Navarro16 dias atrás

    What resort is this?

  2. Gisselle Castillo Nuñez

    Gisselle Castillo Nuñez27 dias atrás

    Watching them parasail gave me anxiety 🥺😂

  3. Kailie Rodriguez

    Kailie RodriguezMês atrás

    Little did you know you’d ask Alo to be your gf a year later 🥺🥺🥺

  4. Emma Babakhanova

    Emma BabakhanovaMês atrás

    Benny we miss your family vlogs !!!! After this who thing is over please bring back the fam

  5. Ernesto Alferez

    Ernesto AlferezMês atrás

    Benny thank you for your channel ! You are getting me thru this quarantine and tough time ! You have a cool ass family and make me laugh 🤣🤣😂! Keep up the great work and wish you nothing but success $$$. homie ! 👍👍🍺🍺🍻😎

  6. Daniela Ramos

    Daniela Ramos2 meses atrás

    Grama my spirit animal! 🤩🤩🤩 she’s out here posing her best life!

  7. Lesly Beltran

    Lesly Beltran2 meses atrás

    Getting this on my recommendations while Benny is In Cancun with Alondra thinking that he uploaded.... but it’s his old vlogs 😞 lol

  8. xamari lopez

    xamari lopez2 meses atrás

    I loooove grandma😂😂 i wanna go to Cancum now!!!! Hahahhaha como me rei neta

  9. Emily G

    Emily G3 meses atrás

    Bruhhh I really thought this was the start of the vlogs for you and Alondras trip I was all hyped 😭😭

  10. lïżä a

    lïżä a3 meses atrás

    your grandma reminded me of mine wanting to take a picture everywhere we went! loved it!!!

  11. Hailey Sandoval

    Hailey Sandoval3 meses atrás

    Benny is me being like damn we r hella high LOWKEY having a panick attack😂

  12. Irma Salmeron

    Irma Salmeron4 meses atrás

    Your grandma is so awesome

  13. Alondra Gallegos

    Alondra Gallegos4 meses atrás

    Go to Bahías de Huatulco ❤️

  14. valeria buelna

    valeria buelna4 meses atrás

    ariana is MEEEE falling off the maca

  15. Geneva Lopez

    Geneva Lopez4 meses atrás

    I Love your vlogs with your family they are hilarious especially this one with your grandma lol. I Love your fam 😊

  16. Jamie Ward

    Jamie Ward4 meses atrás

    Gma is a whole mood LOL xD

  17. Abigail Meza

    Abigail Meza4 meses atrás

    Eyyy i fuck witch abuelita thooo

  18. Abigail Meza

    Abigail Meza4 meses atrás

    El tio todo pedo jajaja love this vlog. Real fun with family

  19. Samantha Garcia

    Samantha Garcia4 meses atrás

    Your grandma is so pretty😍😍

  20. Vanessa Spears

    Vanessa Spears4 meses atrás

    Benny Is So Damn Fine!!! That Smile 😍😍😍

  21. Karissah Garcia

    Karissah Garcia4 meses atrás

    Your grandma is beautiful!!

  22. Chester and Lorena Arceo

    Chester and Lorena Arceo7 meses atrás

    Send me those pics ... 😘

  23. Chester and Lorena Arceo

    Chester and Lorena Arceo7 meses atrás

    Benny I’ll be your uncles picosa !! Lol

  24. B BlTrN

    B BlTrN8 meses atrás

    I looove LOVE LOVEEED GMAS mini tutorial lol I wish I would have done that when my Gma was still glaming her self 😔

  25. Viri Hdz

    Viri Hdz9 meses atrás

    Hell yea un vieijto con dinero lmfao love your grandma 😂😂😂😂

  26. J Chingas

    J Chingas10 meses atrás

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="153">2:33</a> I swear that dude has a second family. He saw the camera and was OUT!

  27. moseselaycie1

    moseselaycie110 meses atrás

    Your grandma is awesome

  28. Nothingbutluv

    Nothingbutluv11 meses atrás

    Making great memories with your family! Thanks for sharing with us

  29. Karina Hernandez

    Karina HernandezAnos atrás

    does anyone know what the hotel is called ??

  30. Leah__ Holt

    Leah__ HoltAnos atrás

    Benny has some beautiful teeth😁👌

  31. brooklyn aguirre

    brooklyn aguirreAnos atrás

    I just started watching your channel yesterday and I can't stop laughing! I love your mom and grandma! "you called him a paisa, grandma" "too late" LOL!!

  32. Lisa .M.

    Lisa .M.Anos atrás

    Wow that looked like real fun with your uncle. I betcha you guys had the best time ever. Really love seeing the Cancun vlogs

  33. Imagine Life With Us

    Imagine Life With UsAnos atrás

    We did the parasailing, when we went to Cancun for our honeymoon, too. SOOO FUN! We also did horseback riding on the beach. It was amazing!

  34. Ana Ashley Lazo

    Ana Ashley LazoAnos atrás

    I love your family 😂😂😂😂they all funny

  35. Adrian Mendoza

    Adrian MendozaAnos atrás

    No more lock doors😂

  36. Darli Gutierrez Banuelos

    Darli Gutierrez BanuelosAnos atrás

    Your grandma was ready!! Haha

  37. Darli Gutierrez Banuelos

    Darli Gutierrez BanuelosAnos atrás

    Hahaha! When your mom said my metabolism is good 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Reymond Carrillo

    Reymond CarrilloAnos atrás

    Pisa is not a insult....Grandma is right.

  39. Reymond Carrillo

    Reymond CarrilloAnos atrás

    Homie had a good time that's cool that's what's up yall bless....God bless you guys....

  40. Reymond Carrillo

    Reymond CarrilloAnos atrás

    Grandma cray cray.

  41. Andreq Dominguez

    Andreq DominguezAnos atrás

    Damn the tour guide lady had some nice tits

  42. erendira soto

    erendira sotoAnos atrás

    xcaret is the best

  43. L Duro

    L DuroAnos atrás

    Pls have grandma do a make up tutorial 😍

  44. Marcela Love Hinojosa

    Marcela Love HinojosaAnos atrás

    Joel giving a little words of wisdom!!

  45. Laura Ortega

    Laura OrtegaAnos atrás

    Those pretty ricky edits 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  46. Lisa A.

    Lisa A.Anos atrás

    I LOVE your family ❤️

  47. Jocelyn M

    Jocelyn MAnos atrás

    What is the second resort you guys visited they was more fun?🥳🙋🏼‍♀️

  48. Mary vill

    Mary villAnos atrás

    saw your grandma modeling i immidiatly liked the video 😂 she looks so much fun!

  49. yess aguilar

    yess aguilarAnos atrás

    Makes me want to take a trip to Cancun after watching!! 🤗 what was the name of the resort you went to two years ago? The one that’s poppin’

  50. Sonia V

    Sonia VAnos atrás

    Where did you stay in Cancun & was there any problems with seaweed overcrowding the beaches ?

  51. Leslye Valdez

    Leslye ValdezAnos atrás

    Youngster right here 17 years old and i know about that goood music lol oldies is what i grew up listening to 🌹

  52. Sabrizzle Lugo

    Sabrizzle LugoAnos atrás

    Omg I almost pissed my pants watching this series dude omg nothing better than these vlogs

  53. Veronica Rod

    Veronica RodAnos atrás

    This vlog is alllllll about Grandma lol !!

  54. DaSahlt Oficial

    DaSahlt OficialAnos atrás

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="554">9:14</a> I really can’t with you 😂😂😂

  55. Esmeralda Garcia

    Esmeralda GarciaAnos atrás

    Benny always gets down with this lit vlogs❤️👏🏼

  56. Kiikkii

    KiikkiiAnos atrás

    Joel giving hella advice all faded lol living it up!!!

  57. Celia Beltran

    Celia BeltranAnos atrás

    Hahahah I fucken love grandma 👵🏼 she the best 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  58. H ARCA

    H ARCAAnos atrás

    I meant parasailing tour company name*?

  59. H ARCA

    H ARCAAnos atrás

    Great videos! What was the name of that ziplining tour company? I'm going to cancun next month. Thanks bro

  60. LifeWithCat

    LifeWithCatAnos atrás

    Grandma tipsy! “just put your tongue in it” 😂😂😂😂😂

  61. Maritza Arroyo

    Maritza ArroyoAnos atrás

    “It was so bad but it was so good” mood af cuando tienes la cruda

  62. Yvette Alexander

    Yvette AlexanderAnos atrás

    Your grandma is so much fun!

  63. Alexx Meza

    Alexx MezaAnos atrás

    Grandma is hilarious 😂 but who’s the other guy with them ? 🤔

  64. Vanessa Garcia

    Vanessa GarciaAnos atrás

    His uncle

  65. GurlMeetsWorld

    GurlMeetsWorldAnos atrás

    Omg I just went to Cancun in January and parasailing and xplor were the best activities to do! I want to go back already

  66. sophia g

    sophia gAnos atrás

    Funny vlogs

  67. Tara Ovidia

    Tara OvidiaAnos atrás


  68. Jannette Barrios

    Jannette BarriosAnos atrás

    Grandma: yes because you're a pimp.... 🤣🤣🤣

  69. Angela Leon

    Angela LeonAnos atrás

    Y’all guys are so funny I love y’all saludos desde San Antonio Texas

  70. estefania g

    estefania gAnos atrás

    Your grandma is so cute/funny/precious..wish I knew my grandma your fambam knows how to have fun!!🎉🎉🎉🎉

  71. Juanita Galvan

    Juanita GalvanAnos atrás

    Swiper no swiping😃🤣🤣 son otro pedo ustedes. Y'all are hilarious!

  72. Violet Mendoza

    Violet MendozaAnos atrás

    Hell yeah un viejito con dinero 😂😂 your grandma is so gangster lmao

  73. Andreina Perez

    Andreina PerezAnos atrás

    Her makeup tutorial tho 😂🔥 Love how I get the movie references 😂😂

  74. Jessica Ramirez

    Jessica RamirezAnos atrás

    “Mimosas y ahora estoy buscando la picosa” 😂😂 your fam is so funny ❤️

  75. Stasy Orellana

    Stasy OrellanaAnos atrás

    Grandma is a savage 😂

  76. Stacy Villa

    Stacy VillaAnos atrás

    Omg Benny you’re so funny!! 😂 and your grandma reminds me so much of my mom like you can’t take them anywhere without trying to get a picture 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

  77. yuzmel romero

    yuzmel romeroAnos atrás

    I love seeing how you all are living life to the fullest 😍

  78. Maa RIYYaa

    Maa RIYYaaAnos atrás

    Un viejito con dinero 💲💰😆😂😁

  79. Arianne Padua

    Arianne PaduaAnos atrás

    I love grandma so much lmao

  80. Leslie Rdz

    Leslie RdzAnos atrás

    The real question here is who’s the other guy with your mom Benny? Loving these vlogs, your grandma is so funny and full of life! 🥰

  81. Griselda V

    Griselda VAnos atrás

    Leslie Rdz hasnt he been with her? Lol

  82. Vanessa Suarez

    Vanessa SuarezAnos atrás

    Lovings the vlogs ❤️🙏🏻